Round the Island Race 80th Anniversary

The Round the Island in 80 years was a project activated for J.P. Morgan Asset Management in relation to their sponsorship of the Round the Island Race. The activation centred on celebrating the 80th anniversary year of the Race. Into the Blue were tasked with creating a project which celebrated this milestone, created additional media coverage, involved the Race public and had a charitable angle.

Into the Blue decided that the photography from the Race had always been spectacular and so a historical photographic exhibition was created to tour the UK showcasing the stories and images from 80 years of the Race. Into the Blue project managed archiving the history of the Race which included a call to action to all competitors from the last 80 years of Racing. The thousands of images and stories were whittled down to feature in an exhibition containing thirty pictures produced to the highest quality. All exhibition images were made available for sale with £15K being raised for the official Race charity through picture sales.

Into the Blue negotiated with photographers that all images would be rights free available to media, which created over £2m in media value.  As part of the project we also project managed ‘A legends of the Round the Island Race’ viral video and an exhibition book to help promote the 80 years project across all media platforms and the general public.

The highlight of the Exhibition tour was a VIP luncheon in London with the worlds media and legends of sailing and the Race winners past and present all in attendance.

"The Island Sailing Club was absolutely amazed and thrilled at the plans that Into the Blue put together for the 80th anniversary of the first race. The exhibition giving interesting details and photographs from throughout the race history, the booklet and Press Conference with luncheon all served to give competitors, spectators and the press a flavour of the race since 1931. The end result met and went beyond all our expectations"
- Lea Bennett, Island Sailing Club