The Client

MarineShift360 has been formed by 11th Hour Racing and Into the Blue to encourage collaboration and accelerate the industry towards sustainable change. MarineShift360 is a new marine industry collaboration that is delivering a bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) tool to help the industry to understand and take responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products.


To help the performance and recreational marine industry respond to planetary pressures by building a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment tool, to work towards the vision of an industry that fully understands its footprint and is empowered to make measurable steps towards a more sustainable circular economy, to create a new brand identity and engage a community of change makers through its development.


We worked with a leading technical team and consultants to deliver a fully functional and accurate tool. We brought together 11 industry leading pilot partners to help develop the tool and provide critical industry insight ahead of launch, through webinars, and case studies to build the business case based on real tangible data to prove the tool’s validity and necessity. At the end of 2019, MarineShift360 will provide a streamlined LCA tool for the marine and leisure industry. In a world of ever decreasing natural resources the marine industry needs to take responsibility for the impacts of its products our LCA tool offers an effective way to use sustainable design to reduce both our short and long-term impacts.